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Aspects Internet

Aspects have had a long and successful professional association with the team that have now formed Cognition, spanning more than five years.
During that time it has been a pleasure for us to work with them in advising and assisting with the network, Internet infrastructure and security requirements for the deployment of their sophisticated software and hardware solutions.
Talented yet approachable and understanding software professionals like the Cognition team are rare in this business and I have no hesitation in recommending them and continuing to work with them.

Paul Dodd, Managing Director, Aspects Internet Access Ltd



Every time we work with Telemere I'm struck by just how effectively they interact with clients, partners and suppliers alike. They seem to have the knack of combining efficiency and expertise with the personal touch.

Andrew Everitt, Regional Business Manager, ComputerLand UK plc.



The Northdoor - Telemere relationship, now over two years old, grew from the involvement both companies had with a mutual client. Over the last two years, both companies have worked closely with the client, which has now become a significant supplier of Insurance services, employing some 600 people across several locations. In servicing this client, Northdoor's relationship with Telemere operates both at a management level in joint planning and strategy activities, and in the day-to-day technical solutions delivery.
Northdoor's speciality in the relationship has been the provision of hosting and management services for the core business systems and network. However, the key role played by Telemere consultants in providing both first-line support for the client, and also a skilled technical interface for Northdoor specialists to work with has been vital to the successful delivery of solutions in a fast growing and complex IT infrastructure.
Northdoor personnel have developed a great degree of confidence in the skills of their Telemere colleagues. The company is delighted with this relationship, and looks forward to continuing a successful relationship with Telemere.

John Foulkes, Northdoor PLC


Stage Consulting

STAGE Consulting are a telecommunications professional services organisation specialising in core telephony. We have worked with the team at Cognition Software Ltd over a number of years to compliment our portfolio of offerings.

STAGE Consulting recognise the wider business requirements of our clients and the need to provide increasingly complex business tools to provide the business edge. The team at Cognition are an invaluable aide in delivering those solutions in a professional way.

Andrew Eeles, Stage Consulting

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