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Online Backup for your Data
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Online backup overview

Data is one of your most valuable assets and yet is seldom treated with the care and respect it deserves. Many businesses and home users do not have a good, regular and reliable backup regime in place.

Data backup and recovery have become integral parts of running a business and are becoming more so for home users; all of whom have data to protect which if lost would range from inconvenient to extremely distressing with possible serious consequences.

Online backup to an offsite data centre is the easiest and most efficient way of protecting data today. Previously only available to large companies with expensive IT infrastructures, the opportunity to backup online is now available to anybody with a high speed link to the Internet, such as is provided by ADSL and cable.

Backups4All is fast, easy and affordable, utilises leading edge technology and stores your data on servers housed in highly secure locations.

You simply select the files you want backed up, set a schedule for when you want the backups to run e.g. at 9.00 every evening and the application does the rest - meaning that you no longer have to remember or bother to run backups yourself.


Backup for Business Users

70% Of Businesses That Suffer A Major Data Loss Are Out Of Business Within 18 Months Source: DTI

Data is an invaluable and irreplaceable asset to almost all businesses these days. Over 80% of business data is stored on computers. The DTI tell us that 70% of businesses which suffer a major data loss never recover and close, some analysts put this figure at 90%.

Data protection is an important and vital part of a company's disaster recovery plan. It is important that the business should be able to resume quickly after a disaster, with data which is as up to date as possible.

If your data is properly backed up and easily accessible, the time taken to recover that data can range from a few minutes to a few hours. If you do not have up to date backups or your backups are corrupt, your business may never recover.


Backup for Home and Small Business Users

Home users now use their computers for a myriad of purposes: to store emails, photos, files, documents, children’s homework and projects, home accounts and many other items which if lost range from extremely distressing to inconvenient at the very least.

If you run a small business from home what would you do if you lost all of your customer details, order details, work in progress and accounts information? This unfortunately is not an uncommon scenario.

Are you a digital artist or photographer? If so, you probably spend 100's of hours creating irreplaceable works of art. Backing these up to the Backups4All secure servers will help protect this creative investment for only a few pounds per month.

Backups4All is extremely affordable, why risk losing those treasured memories and valuable business data?


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